Make It Work – Digital Single

Make It Work Cover

Make It Work – Digital Single

The much anticipated new single titled “Make It Work” from Hookdiggy is a lyrical journey of two people feeling each other and doing what’s necessary to make their relationship work. This is Hookdiggy’s version of a love song.

Seeing that there is a lot of “love and hip-hop” in the world today, but not enough “love IN hip-hop”, Hookdiggy breaks the normal misogynistic vibe found in rap music today to talk about what it would be like to find that “one”, settle down, and make it work. says that the track “suggests an artist who’s committed to quality to its fullest extent“, then goes on to say that the song “serves as a subliminal message to Hip hop to speak about something positive and more important than its usual superficial ignorance.”

“Make It Work” is a melodic, poetic approach to a typical hip-hop love song, however features a lot of undertones of what Hookdiggy may be looking for in a life partner. Still lyrical and catchy, “Make It Work” is guaranteed to get your head moving and make the girls blush.

Hookdiggy continues his independent hip-hop journey with this new single. Be sure to check it out below or click here to get it on iTunes: