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Progressive Hip-Hop At Its Finest

HookdiggyWe know this rap music ain’t seen its best of days“, rhymes Atlanta-based Hookdiggy in the defining track ‘Good Music‘.

Remember back when the artists would write/and try to captivate your mind from the thoughts to mic/Now I gotta give a little gimmick and dance/ If I’ma ever sell a record or get close to a chance.

“If Hookdiggy has a shtick, it’s making good music.”
Rick Jamm,

Drawing from his musical beginnings singing, playing piano and drums, Hookdiggy takes hip-hop back to its core – thoughtful, upbeat lyrics driven by steady, danceable rhythms.

A Flint, MI native, Hookdiggy’s love of hip-hop took off after an encounter with celebrated hip-hop group The Dayton Family, also from the area. He remembers hanging out in a club parking lot when one of the members of the Dayton Family pulled up in the infamous (in Flint anyway) chroma-colored Dodge Caravan bumping what would be later found out as a track called “Dope Dayton Ave,” which completely gathered the attention of everyone in the parking lot. Then to make the experience more surreal, the rear hatch door of the caravan opened up, and Matt “Backstabba” Hinkle started passing out copies of the Dope Dayton Ave EP.

It was this experience that made the young musician began honing his writing skills with the drive and purpose heard in his work today. Having experienced it from his local hometown heroes, he began his own musical journey.

Hookdiggy says his goal is to put out well written hip-hop that appeals not only to fans of the genre, but fans of “creative and innovative lyrical content, that makes you want to dance a bit“.

That sensibility has distinguished Hookdiggy and his release “Good Music“, mixed by Grammy Award Winner Mike Wilson, as “Something new and refreshing. Definitely different.” – DJ Redd Dredd, 107.9 FM Atlanta

Described as a musician, who “wants respect for making good music as opposed to anything else”, InfoBarrell Entertainment says that Hookdiggy “blends the old school work ethic and sounds of hip-hop with modern accessibility often found on the radio by artists like Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco.IAE Magazine praises Hookdiggy as “standing out and not buying into commercialism” while Greatest Playlist explains, “Hookdiggy’s thesis is simply that artists should focus on making good music, rather than relying on gimmicks and non-music related junk.

Hookdiggy’s loyalty to hip-hop’s legacy has earned him the respect of the genre’s heavy-weights; working with producer Hilton “Deuce” Wright II, Rosco SD, and artists Redman and Melanie Rutherford on the single “A Lil’ Bit” from Method Man and Redman’s Blackout 2 album.

Wind Out‘, Hookdiggy’s follow up to ‘Good Music’ is already generating buzz, propelled by a live-instrumented track, a strong hook by R&B artist Ceedro, and his much-hyped Grammy Week performance at the ‘THIS IS Hip Hop’ pre-Grammy event in L.A.

‘Wind Out’ was followed up last year with his new single ‘Make It Work‘, which Buddy Nelson over Jamsphere says “under the hood, the track is fired up by an Adrenaline-pumping, piano-driven arrangement, garnished with a cool vocal hook and some choral interludes“. The release of ‘Make It Work’ was followed up by an official lyric video as well as an Official Music Video for the song.

2019 brings more releases and tour dates from Hookdiggy, along with collaborations with other artists and the branding of his label, Second Half Entertainment. Hookdiggy plans to “give those who are committed to the craft the opportunity to make a living doing what they love – making good music”.

Best summarized in his stirring track ‘On My Way’, Hookdiggy declares “I recognize that my spot isn’t gained, but earned“, followed by the promise to “Keep the game on my side like I need it to breathe“.

Hookdiggy is a refreshing voice to music and the kind of artist that makes hip-hop more than just a genre.



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