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Selling Out Shows

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For many up and coming artists, the hardest part about the music career is mostly making money. From having to pay for studio time, engineering, promotion, and more, independent artists are usually at a disadvantage financially when trying to start their career. The number one place that independent artist can bring in some real revenue is during live shows and performances. So how does one get these live venues packed you may ask? Well here are few ways that independent artists can really make some good money and get their career to take off.

When selling out a venue, its very important that the proper promotion is put in place. Now anybody can get on Instagram and just post an advertisement, but that’s only going to get you so far. When promoting your show, it’s important to know as much about your location as possible. For example, it’s important to know what kind of events are normally held there. This will give you an idea of the demographic of people that come to events at that location. You also would want to know if any celebrities have made an appearance, performed, or just show up in general for a good time at this location. A celebrity’s appearance at a venue can change an attendee’s mind almost 8/10 times when thinking about going to an event. Thirdly, you need to know the quality of entertainment that is mostly hosted at your location. It may not be a smart idea to throw your show there if there’s mostly Galas and Private dinners at the location you choose. Location can make or break a performance for an independent artist, so always research where you will be showcasing your talent.

As I mentioned before it’s pretty easy to just get on Instagram and post your event but utilizing the power of social media is a totally different argument. When posting on social media, most people think that having a lot of followers is everything. Now don’t get me wrong, the more followers you have the more exposure your art is going to receive, but your followers are not the be all and end all of your exposure. There are many other large promotion pages and brands that are willing to network with independent artists even if they don’t have a lot of followers. All it may take is a snippet of your music to hook a large brand into providing cheap promotion or even sometimes free promotion. This doesn’t mean if you’re an independent artist you should message every large brand you find and ask for free promotion. Instead, offer something to people and pages you want to network with. Most people or corporations who have become successful can see the value you can offer as an artist over the dollar value you have to your name. When it comes to social media marketing the creativity of how an artist uses it can help their career tremendously.

When I talked about a celebrity being a deciding factor in someone’s decision to go to an event I wasn’t kidding. As an artist it’s important that you connect with other artists who are already main stream or are almost there. Now I know that doesn’t sound easy but there are many opportunities for you to meet popular artists and network with them. Many popular artists have meet and greets all the time. Some have occasional hang out or eating spots there at often. This doesn’t mean stalk your favorite artists until he or she listens to your track, but instead make an impression when you see them and take advantage of their presence. I know this sounds crazy but a good way to connect with a lot of popular artists is through other topics besides music. Find out some of the hobbies of an artist you want to work with, or something you may be able to relate to from the artist past. Many popular artists show a lot of love to indie artists from their hometown. The point is when wanting to get a celebrity to come to your event with out paying a fortune, you need to connect with them as a person instead of just an icon as most people already see them.

Out of all the new up and coming media platforms that are taking over the masses, podcasts have begun making their mark in the entertainment world. Many people would agree that the age of radio entertainment is dying as most millennials would rather plug up their phone to their car for music instead of having a live DJ control their tunes. One of the few things keeping radio still alive are the many popular personality shows that the common working person listens to to and from their way to work. Although morning and afternoon radio shows are still dominant on the air ways, a new wave of entertainment has emerged threatening to take its place. Like social media, podcasts have grown quite rapidly in the last couple years as very popular source of audio entertainment. In this day and age, there are so many media outlets that anyone can own their own show, broadcast, vlog, or news site by just taking the initiative of downloading an app and expressing their mind.

With podcasts on the rise there are more avenues for independent artists to showcase their work and get exposure. There is almost no need to try so hard to get one’s music on the radio when a Podcast owned by a private small group of people has just as many listeners tuning in. It’s very important that independent artists network often with up and coming and media platforms and businesses instead of always going for the big fish of the industry. When trying to grow one’s audience it’s important that independent artists stick with other artists in their generation who also have a lot of talent and drive to make it to the top. People are always more willing to help one another when they are being helped. Always going for the top station, or top artists in the industry is almost always like fighting an uphill battle. This is where networking with podcasts owners is key. Most podcasts hosts are always looking for new talent to expose and new independent artists to feature simply because they are new and the world we live in thrives on what’s hot and what’s new. Now I know that as an independent artist it’s not always ideal to just work with a podcast that isn’t as popular, but sometimes all you need is one connection to bring you a pivotal point in your career. Podcasts open up a lot of avenues for independent artists as they may never know who is listening to their work or their story and who may want to help further their career.

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