Real Hip-Hop Hasn’t Went Anywhere

People often say that we need to bring real hip-hop back, and I spent a lot of time thinking about that phrase and why most people tend to think that real hip-hop went somewhere.

Sure, a lot of more commercial hip-hop has taken over the airwaves and social media, with messages of misogyny and degradation of our people, and it seems to be the norm, but to say that the real hip-hop has went away, to those people I must say they’re not looking hard enough. It’s still around, alive and well. It just took a different route.

And as far as the fans of this genre of hip-hop, I think they ended up being just caught in the middle of the new wave. They never stopped liking the music, the new sound has had a new vehicle to be heard in and social media is able to blast to everyone something new every chance it gets. So if you didn’t want to be left out of the conversation, you had to pay attention to what everyone else was talking about. It became the shiny object syndrome for new music.

So they chased trends and followed what was hot at the moment. But it was only hot because it was on the forefront of the conversation. Just because it was the topic of conversation, doesn’t mean it was good. They didn’t want to be caught talking about something that wasn’t trending, because they didn’t want to be seen as not in the know. Nobody wants to be ridiculed for not being up to date.

And now some of these fans have children of their own that are growing up listening to a different type of hip-hop. And these parents don’t want to be called “old school” or “out of touch” when it comes to raising kids in this digital age. They want to stay hip, young, and fresh, so they stay following trends to be approved by the youth.

So it became easier for people to neglect the hard working artists who make what we consider “good music”.

But we never went anywhere. We were still here working. Making the music you like.

While the trendy stuff was giving you a case of FOMO, we were making the type of music that feeds your soul and challenges your intellect.

And we’re ok with you neglecting us from time to time to jump in on what’s trending. Because some of the music that trends goes on to make hip-hop history. And that’s a win for the culture.

But don’t say stuff like “where has the real music went”, or “people don’t make good music anymore”. Because we are right here making the music you like. All we ask if for you to listen, and share. And maybe we can become part of what’s trending together.

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